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  • Categories / Eye Care / FML ® Solution (Fluorometholone)

FML ® Solution (Fluorometholone)

  • FML ® Solution
Active Ingredient: Fluorometholone
FML Forte is used for treating inflammation (swelling, warmth, redness, pain) of the eyes and eyelids.
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Buy FML ® Solution (Fluorometholone) Online

FML ® Solution (Fluorometholone)

FML eye drops (Fluorometholone) are used for the treatment of pain, swelling, and redness of the eye (inflammation).

The active ingredient in FML eye drops, fluorometholone, acts by inhibiting the inflammation caused by certain irritations in the eye.

FML eye drops are only available with a doctor's prescription from pharmacies.

How do FML eye drops work?

FML eye drops contain dynamic fixing fluorometholone, which is a kind of medication called a corticosteroid (or steroid).

Corticosteroids work by keeping cells from releasing diverse combustible substances that cause veins to grow and make the impacted domain end up red, swollen, irksome, and agonizing.

Exactly when it's managed into the eye fluorometholone diminishes swelling, redness, shivering, and soreness.

FML eye drops similarly contain polyvinyl alcohol, which goes about as an oil for the eye and eases trouble in a stimulated eye.

What are FML eye drops used for?

FML eye drops are used to reduce eye inflammation (redness, swelling, and soreness).

The drops are mainly prescribed by eye specialists for the short-term treatment of eye inflammation, for example, due to an eye injury or following eye surgery.

How to use FML eye drops?

To open another jug of FML® eye drops, first remove the defensive seal from the bottle.

The substance is sterile if the seal is unblemished.

The seal will break and you can pull it off and after that discard it.

Wash your hands well with cleanser and water.

Shake the bottle tenderly.

Remove the top.

Hold the bottle topsy turvy in one hand between your thumb and pointer or forefinger.

Using your other hand, delicately dismantle down your lower eyelid to shape a pocket or pocket.

Tilt your head back and gaze upward.

Put the tip of the container near your lower eyelid. Try not to give it a chance to contact your eye.

Release one drop into the pocket or pocket framed between your eye

and eyelid by tenderly crushing the container.

Close your eye. Try not to flicker or rub your eye.

While your eye is shut, place your forefinger against within corner of

your eye and press against your eye for around two minutes.

This will prevent the drug from depleting through the tear conduit to the nose and throat,

from where it very well may be ingested into different pieces of your body.

Approach your specialist for progressively explicit guidelines on this strategy.

Replace the top, fixing it firmly.

Wash your hands again with cleanser and water to evacuate any buildup.

Wait 15 minutes before supplanting your contact focal points.

Be cautious not to contact the dropper tip against your eye, eyelid,

or whatever else to abstain from defiling the eye drops.

Contaminated eye drops may give you an eye disease.


Missed Dose

Use the missed dose as soon as you remember. Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not use extra medicine to make up for the missed dose.


If you think there has been an overdose, call your poison control center or get medical care right away. Be ready to tell or show what was taken, how much, and when it happened.

How long does to use FML eye drops?

Continue using FML® eye drops for as long as your doctor prescribes.


Keep your FML eye drops in a cool place where the temperature stays below 25°C.

Store upright. Do not freeze the eye drops.

Do not store it or any other medicine in the bathroom or near a sink.

Do not leave it in the car or on window sills. Do not carry the eye drops in the pockets of your clothes.

Heat and dampness can destroy some medicines.

Keep it where children cannot reach it.

A locked cupboard at least one and a half meters above the ground is a good place to store medicines.

Do not leave the top/lid off the bottle for any length of time to avoid contaminating the eye drops.

Before using this medication, tell your specialist or drug specialist your medicinal history, particularly of eye diseases, late eye medical procedure, waterfalls, glaucoma (open-edge type), serious astigmatism (nearsightedness), and diabetes.

After you apply this medication, your vision may turn out to be incidentally obscured. Try not to drive, use apparatus, or do any activity that requires clear vision until you are certain you can perform such exercises securely.

Before having a medical procedure, enlighten your specialist or dental specialist regarding every one of the items you use (counting physician endorsed drugs, nonprescription medications, and natural items).

On the off chance that you build up another eye disease or damage, or require an eye medical procedure, inquire as to whether you should keep on utilizing your flow jug of fluorometholone eye drops or begin another bottle.


fungal, bacterial, or viral eye infections which may take longer to heal

blurred vision (cataract)

in long term use, development of increased pressure in the eye

thinning of the cornea or sclera

blurring of vision

swelling of the eye or surrounding areas

itching, redness, pain

redness; inflammation of the cornea

feeling of having something in the eye

dilation of the pupil

altered sense of taste

visual disturbance or decreased sharpness of vision



discharge from the eye

delayed wound healing

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