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Eurax (Crotamiton)

  • Eurax
Active Ingredient: Crotamiton
Eurax is used to treat scabies and to reduce itching associated with certain conditions.
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Buy Eurax (Crotamiton) online

Eurax Generic (Crotamiton)

Eurax (Crotamiton) is an enemy of a parasite drug that slaughters certain parasites that live or lay eggs in your skin.

Eurax topical (for the skin) is utilized to treat scabies and to decrease tingling related to certain skin conditions.

Eurax topical may likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded in this prescription guide.

How does Eurax Works?

Eurax cream contains the active ingredient crotamiton, which is a medicine that is applied to the skin to relieve itching (pruritis).

It is not fully understood how it works, but each application should provide relief from itching for 6 to 10 hours.

it's particularly useful for relieving itching that can persist after scabies have been treated with an antiparasitic medicine.

What is Eurax used for?

Relieving itching and skin irritation associated with insect bites or stings, nettle rash, heat rash, sunburn, eczema or dermatitis, chickenpox, and scabies.

How to use Eurax?

For grown-ups and youngsters matured three years and over, the cream ought to be connected

to the irritated region a few times each day.

Avoid applying the cream to sobbing, overflowing, crude, broken, or excited territories of skin since

this can cause aggravation. Try not to apply it around the eyes.

Take care to abstain from getting the cream in your eyes, nose, or mouth. 

Wash your hands subsequent to applying it

and flush the cream off completely with warm water on the off chance that you get it in these regions.

Stop using this cream and counsel your specialist in the event that you experience a consuming

sensation or rash while using it, or if your side effects endure.


Missed Dose

If you miss the second dose, you may need to start your treatment over.

Call your doctor for instructions if you miss a dose.


If you think there has been an overdose, call your poison control center or get medical care right away.

Be ready to tell or show what was taken, how much, and when it happened.

Who shouldn't use Eurax cream?

People who are allergic to any ingredients of the cream.

If you feel you have experienced an allergic reaction.

stop using this medicine and inform your doctor or pharmacist.

The cream shouldn't be used on weeping, oozing, or very inflamed areas of skin.


Do not store above 25°C

Store at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children.

Before using Eurax, tell your specialist or drug specialist in the event that you are adversely affected by it;

or on the off chance that you have some other sensitivities.

This item may contain idle fixings, which can cause unfavorably susceptible responses or different issues.

Converse with your drug specialist for more subtleties.

Before using this medicine, tell your specialist or drug specialist your restorative history.

Before having a medical procedure, inform your specialist or dental specialist regarding every one of the items you use (counting professionally

prescribed medications, nonprescription medications, and natural items).

During pregnancy, this prescription ought to be utilized just when plainly required. Examine the dangers and advantages with your specialist.

It is obscure if this medication goes into bosom milk. Counsel your specialist before bosom sustaining.

Itching and redness



Trouble breathing

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